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In was 1988 and Prince Anti-Hero was looking forward to his coronation in a couple of years.  The Comic Creator Super Star era was just around the corner and I had just discovered comic books.  How Larry Hama era GI Joe books and Peter Porker: the Spectacular Spider-Ham had influenced this angry fellow, I’m not sure, but he was definitely pissed off.  I could tell.buy clomid online usa

Up in smoke

There comes a time when you step back and take a look at your youthful ambitions and say… yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.

For me it was the dream of having my own comic book series called: THE BURNING MAN!  Okay, he wasn’t actually called The Burning Man at the start, in fact for the first few months he wasn’t called anything.  He was just an angry looking guy with a mustache, a trench coat, red eyes and flames coming out of his hands.

This is the story of how to not publish a successful comic book series.

I don’t know how regularly I will post, but even though I realize the time for The Burning Man series becoming a reality has passed there were some really cool ideas there and they’ve got to go somewhere.  So why not your house? (or at least screen)

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